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Texas A&M WR Demond Demas Ex-Girlfriend Brianna Turk Claims He Slapped and Choked Her

Former Texan A&M WR Demond Demas’ legal issues have gotten worse.

Demas was arrested on a charge of assault family violence at the end of February after he pushed his girlfriend’s head into a wall and threw her off the bed onto the floor which caused her front teeth to go through her bottom lip. He was released on a $5,000 bond after he turned himself in.

He was then suspended by the team last week as a result of the arrest.

Now, according to the Houston Chronicle and 247 Sports, there are more incidents that happened with a second girlfriend Brianna Turk who goes to Praire View A&M.

According to The Chronicle, Brianna Turk, currently a student at Prairie View A&M, claims Demas slapped her and choked her several times during a six-month period starting in the summer of 2020.

The Brazos County district attorney’s office did not pursue charges during the period of which the latest allegations occurred due to not enough overall evidence and conflicting testimonies, a law enforcement official told The Chronicle. But the case remains open with the Texas A&M university police department. An investigation into the 2020 incidents is also ongoing under Title IX, The Chronicle reports.

“He started to choke me,” Turk said. “At that point I had to take my hands off my face, because I was trying to grab his hands to make him let me go. I told him, ‘I can’t breathe!’ He let go for a split second and I thought that was the end of it. But then he started choking me again, and I was screaming for him to get off me.

Brianna said Demas abused her worse than before — including the choking and leaving her with a scratched, bloody leg and a black eye.

“No one ever reached out (from A&M football), and I had sent them a picture of her (bruised) face,” Iesha said. “I have never heard back from anyone from the football staff.”

Turk reported Demas’s alleged multiple assaults to A&M police in November 2020.

If this is all true, he probably won’t be playing for A&M next season.

Demas’ lawyer is Tony Buzbee the same Buzbee who is going after Deshaun Watson for massage assault. Buzbee said he couldn’t speak on these incidents because he wasn’t aware of them.

That makes sense since no criminal charges were ever filed, but it does show a pattern of disturbing behavior from Demas that he needs to get in check before his college eligibility won’t be the only thing he is losing.

Flip the page for a video about the case and photos of Ms. Turk.

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