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Brittany Renner Exposed Lil Reese After He Tried to Say She Was For The Streets

Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth closed and leave things alone.

Rapper Lil Reese is learning that now.

Lil Reese and Brittany Renner had a back and forth with him coming out looking a little hypocritical.

Reese started it off by saying if your girl was in a million guys’ likes on some fan stuff you should get another girl and Renner came back with how men respond to liking pics on IG. He then responded by saying we know how she’s coming. That was a mistake.

Renner came back to show everyone how he jumped in her DMs and when she didn’t respond he unsent the message. Brittany Renner was back in the news lately for pointing out that your relationship goals couples might not be goals.

Was Brittany Renner on being considered less than Ayesha Curry and Savannah James by Cam Newton when he appeared on Million Dollaz Worth of Game? Brittany Renner got something to tell a fan who said that she is what Cam was talking about when he was talking about bad b*tches.

“Some women choose to suck a d*ck and shut up, some don’t. ‘Marriage is a business’ to many so yeah people play the part,” she replied. “Let’s stop glorifying relationships and the individuals in them we know nothing about. Most cheat with women who look nothing like their wife anyway!”

On her Instagram story, Renner shared Tuck’s tweet because, she said, “I know someone out there … a lot of these couples don’t even really like each other for real. You’re not even attracted to your wife. Okay? Very sad that a lot of people cannot live in their truth. Come to the light. We want to see who you really are. Why people can’t do that? Because marriage is a business to a lot of people.”

Reese sent one message too many.

Flip the page to see the back and forth.

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