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Cam Newton Clarifies What He Meant By Saying Women Need to Learn How to Cook and Cater to Their Men

Cam Newton learned a valuable lesson.

If you are a celebrity or even a random person on social media, you need to be very careful speaking on your personal preferences on social media. Let’s not get it twisted everyone has preferences. There are women that won’t date short men or men that don’t make six figures and there are men who won’t date you unless you look like an IG model or cook like Martha Stewart.

The major key is to not voice these preferences publicly if you don’t want to get cooked like Cam Newton.

During his interview, Newton made degrading comments about women, claiming that being raised in household by his mother, father and grandmother taught him to distinguish between a “woman” and a “bad bitch.”

“Now, a woman for me is, handling your own but knowing how to cater to a man’s needs. Right? And I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of: ‘I’m a boss bitch, Imma this, Imma that.’ No, baby. But you can’t cook,” Newton said on the podcast. “You don’t know when to be quiet. You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”

In his video, Newton repeatedly said that he isn’t sexist and he “knows his heart.” He mentioned numerous times he is a good father to his seven children. However, he doubled down on his comments, refusing to apologize for what he said because society is “sensitive about topics that need to be brought to the forefront.”

I think it is fair to give your opinions about what Cam Newton said, I thought mainstream media took it too far when they said his preference for women would affect his ability to get a job in the NFL.

Considering all the trash human beings in the NFL both players and management to try to make Cam out to be some sort of criminal for saying he likes women who cook was insane.

Flip the page for Cam explaining how everything was taken out of context.

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