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Jets Sauce Gardner Says He Was First Person to Play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty is without a doubt one of the biggest games in the world. So, what do you do when the biggest game in the world is about to launch the sequel to the marquee title that originally put them on the map? First you dabble the game with some Sauce. Sauce Gardener, to be exact. Then you share the first-ever look at the game’s visuals with the aforementioned Sauce, who gets on Twitter to hype the entire world about this game everyone knows is coming very very soon. At this point you might be wondering why you should care if it’s even concerning you, since only NFL Draft prospects were shown the game. Ah, but therein lies the rub. 

If you’re good at reading between the lines, you’ll see that Activision/Microsoft, TreyArch, and all of those involved within the making of Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) seem to be highling that the decision the game makers landed on, the decision that would change the game, should be on NFL Draft Day using the players to introduce it, specifically one Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Garder, who widely considered to the best cornerbacks in the NFL Draft and is sure to go on Day One, it’s just going to be a matter of where but let’s get back to them. 

When Gardner got a look at the game ahead of everyone else, not only did he obey proper gaming etiquette by keeping the spoilers out of his fawning. When you compare Sauce Gardner to someone ike, say, Le’Sean McCoy, who blatantly posed “RIP my dog TONEY STARK” after he got to watch Avengers: End Game earlier and decided the best way to inform everyone he had done so was to spoil one of the film’s biggest moments before most of the world had a chance to see it happen. 

Fans have been waiting and waiting to hear about the long awaited sequel to the reboot. And while that sounds pretty par for the course of how things in TV, films, and games right now, it doesn’t mean that Activision churned out a poor offering when they decided they were going to stick with “modern and gritty” with the reboot. I only literally got into Call of Duty this year, like three months ago. But I have been gobbling up the games left and right through sales, free to play, and discs owned by friends who didn’t need them anymore. 

We trust Sauce with the sauce so let’s see what he did have to say about the upcoming game that features a brand-new game engine, all new tech the game’s development team were given years ago to get them familiar with it. In addition to what we were able to glean from 22 SAS Team Capt. John Price’s demands of CIA Ops Leader Kate Laslow at the end of Modern Warfare in the cut scene following the end of the game, this information pretty much assures is that Modern Warfare 2 will be . It also looks like several of these games could end up on Nintendo Switch, though that remains to be seen. 

Gardner posted the following on social media: “I was the first person to see the new COD and it’s fire (followed by three fire emojis).”

He followed that up by answering a follow up DM from noted gamer FaZeBlaze, who asked him how good the new game was on a 1-10 scale: “It’s not all the way done, but it’s a great game already bro and I’m a sweat (laughing while crying emoji), and I can truly say it will be fire.” 

If we’re being honest, it’s a whole lot of nothing while at the same time doing a great job of getting my hopes up. We knew these games would one day look absurdly good and we’ve hit that era with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. With Activision and now Microsoft taking off the next year from gaming to adapt to the buyout and merger and Microsoft promising the greatness is only just beginning for the title, it’s starting to feel like the Golden Age of Call of Duty may finally be on deck. The last couple generations figured out which war mechanics and items work, and which ones are simply not cut from the game cloth. The cross-gen bundles began to finetune the experience for the modern consoles, and the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 should be the game getting a shot at Game of the Year.

However it turns out, we know Call of Duty is going to reign supreme and we have a pretty good idea that Sauce Gardner is going to reign supreme. Who knows, maybe after it’s all said and done, Ghost is so bad ass in this new game that Sauce is called Ghost from here on out as a way to acknowledge the sauce of both men, the game, and their long and illustrious futures. 

Good Luck, Sauce. See me online for some Warzone on PSN/Xbox — FightOnTwist