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Kodak Black Accused of Not Tipping Dark Skin Strippers at the Booby Trap Strip Club

Kodak Black has addressed claims that he dissed a dark-skinned dancer at a strip club. He’s addressing the video that was posted by someone on the internet with claims that he dissed a dark-skinned dancer who got on stage.

Vlad has details of the encounter;

Video of Kodak Black at Miami’s famed Booby Trap on the River recently surfaced, showing him throwing stacks of cash at the dancers.

The person who posted the video claimed that Kodak was showering the dancers with money until a dark-skinned dancer got on stage. This led to Kodak’s past comments about skin tones resurfacing, including a 2017 ChaneyTV interview, where Kodak stated that he doesn’t like women with darker skin tones like himself because he believes they’re “too gutter,” adding that “light-skinned women [are] more sensitive.”

Kodak addressed the claims made in the recent TikTok video, which was reposted by OnSite, writing in the comments section, “WHOEVER RECORDED THAT LAME AF I THREW MONEY ON ALL KINDA WOMEN , MY MONEY DONT RUN OUT IN DAT CLUB EVERYBODY LOVE ME THERE. I LOVE DARK WOMEN THEY QUEENS WIT DEY BLACK A** [sideways crying laughing emoji] FAXTZ THO THEY BEAUTIFUL.”

Kodak has been spending too much time with Trump.

During a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast, the 24-year-old rapper expressed disappointment over the 2020 presidential race, in which Joe Biden defeated the Republican incumbent.

“Getting rid of Trump is the worst thing America could’ve did, you hear me?” Kodak said at the 16:35 minute mark.

The rapper, who has become one of hip-hop’s most ardent MAGA supporters, said he was “forever indebted” to the former president, who granted Kodak clemency during his last day in office. At that time, Kodak—legal name Bill Kapri—was serving a nearly four-year jail sentence for making false statements to purchase a firearm. He was among 143 individuals who received a pardon or clemency from Trump on Jan. 21, 2021.

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