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Social Media Reacts To JuJu Smith-Schuster Kicking Off Chiefs Career Doing the Water Cup Challenge

Twitter is reacting to an impressive and viral video of Juju Smith Schuster putting water into a cup to kick off his Chiefs career. JuJu is all jacked up to kick off his Chiefs career and all the best of luck to him.

According to Side Action;

Newly signed Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has put together an impressive TikTok presence over the past few years, and this weekend, the former Steelers wide receiver came in strong with an interesting new game.

The game is easy enough, each player pours water into a cup, and the one who gets the water to spill out onto the table is the loser. The loser gets thrown into the pool. It’s a surface tension game.

At least Jackson Mahomes isn’t in the video.

Here’s how one guy ended up thrown into a swimming pool in front of millions of viewers. On Friday, professional NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster was recorded taking the “water cup challenge” on TikTok. It was the most nerve-wracking two minutes of Jenga I’ve ever endured. No matter how full the cup got, it was impossible to tell who was going to come out the loser.

TikTok challenges are normally notorious for endangering participants. Smith-Schuster caught public flak last August for attempting the “milk crate challenge,” which is a game in which players navigate a tower of milk crates without falling off. The water cup challenge is significantly less risky. Players take turns pouring a drop of water into a full plastic cup. Whoever caused the cup to overflow would be thrown into the swimming pool.

The water cup challenge has existed since at least 2021, though none have been as famous as the one undertaken by a NFL football player. Some losers had to jump into a swimming pool, while others were merely sprayed with a garden hose. Twitter commenters have started calling the challenge “water Jenga” in the quote retweets.

I think Jenga is more fun, but whatever.

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