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Watch Pete Davidson Go On Joyride With Kanye West’s Daughter North

Despite Kanye West warning Pete Davidson to stay off his children with Kim Kardashian, he was spotted going on a joy ride with North West. Kanye West must not see this video else, he’s going to be mad.

Vlad has details of Pete hanging out with North West;

Pete Davidson has been dating Kim Kardashian for nearly six months. Within that small timeframe, the SNL comedian has endured multiple treats from her ex-husband, Kanye West, and his passionate fanbase. The 28-year-old has also endured the pain of getting his new partner’s nickname branded on his chest. If those acts of endearment don’t signify the seriousness of his relationship with Kim K, then perhaps his most recent activity with her eldest daughter does.

Davidson was recently spotted in a pink electric MOKE car, with North West in tow. The joyride is said to have lasted about 30 minutes, behind the gated community of Davidson’s friend, Scott Disick. It appears as though Pete Davidson is slowly being integrated into the Kardashian family. There is no word on whether or not he has met the star’s three other children, but this is certainly a significant step in that direction.

There is a lot of criticism about this on social media. Specifically, people don’t like the fact that North was sitting on Pete’s lap. Everyone knows that Kanye is in a very fragile mental state, so you don’t want him reverting back to the threats and being unhinged on social media.

He has calmed down over the past few weeks, and Kim should be mindful of doing things that could set him off. She has to know how sensitive he is about their kids, and he doesn’t like Davidson, so maybe keep those interactions out of the public eye for a while.

That is just my 2cent on the matter.

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