Bryan Thomas Brunson Arrested For Pulling Gun on Black Family After His Son Tried to Assault Their Daughter With a Whip – BlackSportsOnline
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Bryan Thomas Brunson Arrested For Pulling Gun on Black Family After His Son Tried to Assault Their Daughter With a Whip

Bryan Thomas Brunson has been arrested and facing a felony charge after his little white son pounded on and whipped the door of a black family. According to Kaufman County Constable Precinct 2 Chief Administrator, Jason Johnson, the incident happened on Thursday.

TMZ has got the details;

TMZ has gotten more info about the arrest of this boy’s father, and the story is even crazier than we initially thought — turns out, the man actually fired the gun that the Nashes claimed he had on him, and he’s facing a felony charge because of it … this according to cops.

Per Kaufman County, the Nashes allege that Brunson kept arguing with them on his driveway with a Ruger semi-automatic pistol in hand, which itself isn’t illegal. According to the police, the boy actually came out as well with his dad and challenged the Nashes to a fight!

What allegedly happened next is scary … the Sheriff’s Office says Brunson is alleged to have put the gun down at one point on his porch, but then went back to pick it up after the argument persisted — and he allegedly handled it in a reckless manner, causing it to go off.

Cops say the bullet almost struck Brunson’s own daughter who was standing behind him, but luckily it missed. He was booked for deadly conduct, which became a felony because of the would-be harm. The boy, who’s 9, was a year off from facing criminal mischief charges himself, we’re told … but as it stands, he’s not going to be rung up legally for this.

And here is the background story;

A little white boy came storming over to the home of a Black family in Texas with a whip in hand and a beating in mind, it seems, and the whole thing was captured on video.

This is wild … the Ring footage was taken from the front porch of Dee and Carissa Nash’s home near Dallas, and it shows what they claim is a neighbor’s kid from nearby coming over in a fury, allegedly in search of their 9-year-old daughter — and making his presence known.

The young boy, who can’t be more than 7 or 8 himself, bangs on the front door with his free hand — and then takes some cracks at it with his whipping hand.

Carissa then opens the door and chastises the boy, telling him to get off her property and threatening to call the police. It appears the kid scrams after that. Sadly, the confrontation wasn’t over just yet — further video shows them facing off with the boy’s purported father.

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