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Dr. Umar Johnson Takes Shots at Shannon Sharpe For Dating Snow Bunnies

A parody Dr. Umar account @NoContextDrUmar got Shannon Sharpe to react to a fake post from the real Dr. Umar about interracial relationships.

In the fake post, it calls out Sharpe for being part of the Snowbunny Fraternity who has a problem with black people who disapproved of interracial relationships.

This is how Sharpe responded to that on Twitter.

Shannon Sharpe DGAF what Umar Johnson or others thinks about what he or other ppl date. That’s the problem you worrying about other ppl. I’m not harming, bothering you or taking money out of your pockets. Now stay the FCK off my tl. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. 🙏🏾🙏🏾.

The real Dr. Umar was alerted to the fact that Sharpe had taken a shot at him and responded in kind on Instagram.

My dear brother Shannon, in a recent video you expressed disdain for those in our community who are committed to rebuilding and preserving the traditional all-black family.

We are not enemies, you are my brother and have as much right to date snow bunnies as we do to disagree with it.

To each his own, we simply pray that you one day return to dating women of your own race.

I am not the owner nor operator of Nocontextdrumar twitter page.

I have suspicious that pay is either controlled by a non-African or a negropean.

Those tweets are not coming from my Twitter account.

Please enjoy our upcoming Juneteenth Holiday. Stay black brother Shannon. By the way, the name is Dr. Umar sir.

Shannon has yet to reply. This all goes back to Bronny James being a milkman. Listen you can date whoever you want as long as you aren’t disrespecting your own race it is fine. Only the person knows in their heart why they prefer milk over chocolate.

Flip the pages for the back and forth between Sharpe and Dr. Umar.

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