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Jada Pinkett Had Her Daughter Willow Spy on Will Smith To Make Sure He Wasn’t Cheating on Movie Sets

Willow Smith will probably take this little secret of hers into the grave because from the look of things, she isn’t ready to let Jada Pinkett know about it. Was it that Will cheated on Jada on a certain Hollywood actress on set back then?

Jada Pinkett is curious and wants to know this certain Hollywood actress Will might have cheated with but to date, Will has refused to open up to her about that actress.

Here is the juice according to Essentially Sports;

In that vein, even NBA fans are more interested in exploring incidents where their beloved stars interacted with the Smith family. One such iconic conversation took place when Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry appeared on Red Table Talk with Jada Smith and her daughter Willow.

They began talking about how they support the men in their lives and the expectations thrust upon them. Ayesha, in particular, was part of a viral moment where she explained how the excessive female attention around Steph can be overwhelming for her sometimes.

To follow that up, Willow asked her mother how she dealt with all the women who crushed after Will, given how popular he has always been. Jada then went on to narrate a very interesting incident from Willow’s childhood.

Jada explained how, Willow, her and Smith’s daughter, used to accompany him to sets occasionally. Will was one of the biggest movie stars in the world during that period. His movies would turn into box office gold.

Jada revealed that when her daughter was five or six, she accompanied Will to a movie set.

“I remember when willow was like 5 or 6, one of Will’s costars was in his trailer. And she came in there, and she jumped in her father’s lap, and she looked at the costar and she said – my mother’s gonna be here very soon! How is this that daughters..”

Willow responded, ” I always knew though.. I always was like, you.” (makes suspicious face).

Jada said that her daughter still asks who the costar was, to this day. Jada finishes off the conversation by saying, “You talk to your dad about that one, boo. Talk to your daddy.”

This is some very strange behavior for a parent to have a child do.

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