Lyft Driver James Bode Kicks Owner Of Fossils Last Stand Jackie Harford Out of His Car For Calling Him a N-Word Lover – BlackSportsOnline
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Lyft Driver James Bode Kicks Owner Of Fossils Last Stand Jackie Harford Out of His Car For Calling Him a N-Word Lover

Social media folks are hailing Lyft driver James Bode after a video clip of him throwing out Jackie Hayford and a man for branding him a “n***** lover” went viral on the internet. Jackie has been identified as the owner of Fossils Last Stand in Catasauqua in Pennsylvania and the Daily Mail has the details of the encounter;

A Pennsylvania man is being hailed as a hero, after a viral video showed him kicking a man and a woman out of his Lyft after they called him a ‘n***** lover’ and threatened to punch him in the face. The video, which was originally posted to Facebook by the Lyft driver, James W. Bode on Friday, shows Bode – a white man – sitting in the drivers’ seat of his car as a white woman enters.

He proceeds to confirm that the Lyft is for a ‘Jackie,’ to which she responds: ‘Wow, you’re like a white guy.’ Bode asks her to repeat herself, to which Jackie says: ‘You’re like a normal guy. Like you speak English.’ She then proceeds to apologize to Bode, and pats him on the shoulder, but he just replies: ‘No you can get out of the car.’ The woman – who was later identified as bar owner Jackie Harford by Morning Call – then seems shocked.

‘That’s completely inappropriate,’ Bode responds in the video. What he said next is hard to hear, but Jackie replies, ‘Are you serious?’ as Bode tells a man off-screen: ‘She said “Wow, you’re a white guy.”‘ They then appear to get into the car, to which Bode says, ‘That’s OK I’m not going to take the ride, you guys can get out. ‘It was completely inappropriate.’

But the unknown man Harford is with seems to get upset with that as he calls Bode a ‘f****** a******.’ At that point, Bode decides to make sure they are aware that he is recording the entire exchange, even as the man says ‘I could punch you in the f****** face.’ ‘That’s assault,’ Bode tells the man, ‘Cause you guys are racist f****’. ‘You’re a f****** a******,’ the man then repeats before calling him a ‘f****** n***** lover.’

Bode could then be seen unfastening his seat belt as the man tells him to ‘Get the f*** out of here.’ ‘No,’ Bode replies. ‘I’m calling the cops on you man, it’s all on camera. It’s all on camera.’

Flip to the next page to watch the viral video and reactions on social media. I hope their bar gets shut down foorever..

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