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Patrick Beverley Goes Viral For Saying Chris Paul is a Loser, Faked an Injury and is a Cone on Defense

Chris Paul has had an interesting career.

Factually speaking, he makes every team he has been on the best they have ever been. That is a fact with the Hornets, Clippers, Rockets, and now the Suns. He has taken those teams from formats to contenders. The problem comes in the playoffs. Almost every year, at crunch time, he disappears. It is often late in the series when he starts to falter.

If he isn’t faltering late in the series, he is getting injured at the worst possible time.

He is the only player to blow a 2-0 lead five times.

Chris Paul is the first player ever to blow five 2-0 leads in a best-of-7 series.

2-0 vs Spurs in 2008 2-0 vs Grizzlies in 2013 2-0 vs Blazers in 2016 2-0 vs Bucks in 2021 2-0 vs Mavs in 2022

He is also the only player to blow four 2-0 leads.

He was already getting cooked on social media, but now it is really blowing up because his arch nemesis Patrick Beverley is lighting him up on ESPN. Beverley calls him a loser, a cone on defense, and someone who fakes like he is hurt when things don’t go his way.

Patrick Beverley predicted that Chris Paul would be citing an injury after he loses yet another Playoffs series.

Again, not trying to put a dent in his legacy, just stating facts. CP3 did go through numerous injuries in almost all of his postseasons, and some of them even needed surgeries in the off-season.

But an injury jinx in 5/5 years when his team had a 2-0 lead is just not viable for even a made-up story. Timberwolves point guard Patrick Beverley predicted that we’ll again hear a CP3 injury even before Game 7 started.

And so NBA Twitter called him a fortune-teller and the new Woj.

Paul claims he suffers from a quad injury that was never discussed until after the series.

Flip the page for Beverley cooking CP3 on ESPN and the Twitter reactions.

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