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Reality Star Todd Chrisley’s Married Gay Lover Mark Braddock Turned Him Into IRS & FBI For Fraud After They Broke Up

It’s been disclosed that reality star Todd Chrisley had a gay relationship with his former employee Mark Braddock who helped him commit fraud. This was revealed to a judge in Atlanta. According to Braddock, after their gay affair ended, they then paired and formed a ‘brotherhood’.

The Daily Mail has more;

Todd Chrisley had a gay affair with his business partner who helped him commit fraud before tipping off cops after their romance went sour, a court has heard.

The reality TV star, 53, shacked up with Mark Braddock in the early 2000s before breaking it off, a judge in Atlanta was told. Braddock testified that after the affair ended the pair stayed friends and formed a ‘brotherhood.’

But it blew up in 2012 when Chrisley threw him out of his office and threatened to call the police on him, Insider reported. The TV star has been married for 26 years to Julie, with whom he shares five children: Lindsie, 32; Kyle, 30; Chase, 25; Savannah, 24; and Grayson, 16.

Braddock couldn’t keep the secret affair from his wife and then “turned the Chrisleys into the FBI for tax fraud and told the jury on Tuesday he did not want to be talking about his affair.”

After the affair ended, while Chrisley’s former flame worked at Chrisley Asset Management, he claims an anonymous source sent text messages threatening to expose the relationship and his boss’ fraud.

The alleged texts said: ‘Pay cash and we’ll shut up.’

Chrisley and Braddock ended up paying their blackmailer $38,000, which Braddock withdrew from the bank in four $9,500 payments, before meeting Chrisley in a parking garage.

He handed over the large amounts of cash ‘in a little bag’ for Chrisley to pay the blackmailer, he testified on Tuesday.

After the Chrisley’s were accused by the FBI of tax invasion, Braddock told jurors his feelings for Chrisley convinced him to help them commit fraud, he testified.

The former employee created fake tax documents for the reality star and submitted them to banks and impersonated Chrisley in emails and phone calls, Insider reported.

After the two had a falling out, Braddock reportedly wanted to get back at his former lover and created fake email accounts to report the Chrisleys’ criminal behavior to government and news agencies.

If you ever watched the Chrisley’s reality show you can’t be surprised that Todd goes both ways.

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