Von Miller Blocked Lira Galore To Get Back With His Baby Mama Megan Denise Who Cheated With Bol Bol – BlackSportsOnline
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Von Miller Blocked Lira Galore To Get Back With His Baby Mama Megan Denise Who Cheated With Bol Bol

There is a good portion of people who say that it’s hard to deal with people with kids because they will always have feelings for the person they had the baby with.

In some cases that’s probably true and in some it’s probably not. In the case of Von Miller and Lira Galore, it seems to be true.

According to WagsUnfiltered on IG, it would seem that Von Miller who was dating Lira Galore broke up with her and blocked her so he could go back to his baby mama Megan Denise.

The reports are saying that he and Meg have been out in Texas kissing and hugging and it’s made Lira salty.

Let’s also not forget that Megan was ALLEGEDLY cheating on Von with Bol Bol.

Bol Bol’s ex-girlfriend Mulan Hernandez is out with some evidence about his relationship with Von Miller’s baby momma Megan Denise, and it looks like she’s got something on them. Bol Bol is definitely the lady’s man.

He’s probably got what the ladies want, looking at how they are all over him. And it also looks like Mulan Hernandez, after breaking up with him for cheating on her eight times, is probably not over him yet.

Bol Bol is yet to speak on all these dramas from his ex-girlfriend Mulan Hernandez and Megan Denise. Meanwhile, Von Miller, who was recently spotted with Lira Galore, is very upset about the fact that his ex-fiancee and baby mama Megan Denise has been knocking boots with Bol Bol. Miller said he was embarrassed by it. When Denise saw that, she snitched to the NFL about Miller allegedly doing cocaine. Mulan Hernandez has been all up in the Instagram comments egging both Miller and Denise on about the situation. It seems she can’t get over the fact that Bol Bol cheated on her eight times when she was routinely accused of cheating on him. Hernandez was once accused of having a 4-way with Stefon Diggs shortly after she started dating Bol Bol.

Cold world if all of this is true.

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