Mulan Hernandez Says She Broke Up With Magic Bol Bol Because He Cheated on Her 8 Times – BlackSportsOnline
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Mulan Hernandez Says She Broke Up With Magic Bol Bol Because He Cheated on Her 8 Times

After accusing him of cheating on her eight times somewhere in January this year, Mulan Hernandez and Bol are finally over according to the Instagram gossip page WAGS Unfiltered.

Here is the juice;

#WUexclusive 🚨 #mulanhernandez and #bolbol have went their separate ways. I reached out to both parties ( I’m lying. no I didn’t, but it sounds professional to say I did.) and only got a response from Mulan and she said this exactly:

“I value myself too much as a women to sit around and let a man devalue me.“

It makes sense because Mulan has exposed Bol publicly on live for cheating back in January, thoughts? #NBA #orlandomagic

This is what Mulan said on Instagram live while accusing Bol Bol of cheating on her eight times.

“So I just feel like I’m tired of sitting here and tired of acting like he’s this perfect person when he’s done nothing but get caught cheating on me. This is the 7th, 8th time he’s cheated on me. Y’all say I’m cheating on him; the whole time he’s been cheating on me for a f***ing year.”

There were some rumors that Ms. Hernandez had cheated on Bol Bol with Stefon Diggs, but she denied those.

From the evidence we have acquired, Mulan Hernandez started dating Nuggets Bol Bol sometime in April 2021. We don’t know exactly when or who initiated the first contact.

Randomly today Bill Stefon Diggs posted a couple of photos of him getting real cozy with Hernandez in March 2021 via Wags Unfiltered 2.0.

This had led some to believe that Hernandez was double dipping and trying to see which athlete would simp for her. Diggs, who dates multiple IG models, obviously wasn’t paying as much attention to her as she likes, so she started the relationship with Bol Bol.

Hard to say what Diggs intentions are here beyond possibly warning Bol Bol that he is dating someone who possibly had a foursome with him mere days or weeks before getting with Bol Bol.

Just another day in the NBA, NFL and IG Model world.

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