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Watch Competitive Eater Leah Shutkever Break Record After Eating Four KFC Meals In 12 Minutes

A UK competitive eater named Leah Shutkever has broken a record and set a new personal record after eating four KFC meals in 12 minutes. People have big bowels to contain whatever food is available.

The New York Post has got the details;

 A video of the speed-eating demonstration is currently blowing up on YouTube as gawkers marvel at her supersonic snacking.

“The aim of the game is to take this down as quickly and cleanly as I possibly can,” Europe’s No. 1 female competitive eater Leah Shutkever teased in the clip. The Worcestershire resident, who boasts 27 official Guinness World Eating titles, frequently films her feats of eating for her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels, the latter of which boasts over 322,000 subscribers.

In her latest high-octane stunt, dubbed the “KFC box meal challenge,” Shutkever aimed to consume four box meals, each of which contained two chicken dishes and two sides — totaling a heart-stopping 4,000 calories, per the Mirror. She said her goal was to improve upon her 2017 attempt at the artery-clogging pursuit, in which she inhaled the meals in just 23 minutes.

The clip shows the speed eater chowing down on the veritable matterhorn of fried fodder in front of a countdown clock, all while giving an impromptu food review.

“This is the Philip tower burger, it looks good,” Shutkever gushes before inhaling said chicken sandwich like a Burmese python. She then proceeds to skeletonize several jumbo hot chicken wings — her favorite item of the bunch — in one bite each, making sure to slather each item in copious KFC gravy so nitpickers won’t accuse her of taking caloric shortcuts.

Her culinary decathlon was especially impressive given that the competitive eater didn’t like every item. “I’m going to use the gravy to eat the chips, I find KFC chips incredibly disappointing,” said Shutkever, while mainlining four portions of fries. “They’re just not good, there’s absolutely zero flavor. And they’re just soggy.”

The Brit added that she found KFC’s world-famous gravy “overrated.” Nonetheless, Shutkever managed to accomplish the challenge in 11 minutes and 58 seconds, per the clip, shattering her previous record by over 10 minutes.

Or as the supersonic snacker boasted, “12 minutes, four box meals, an average of three minutes per box meal whilst unboxing and overrunning commentary. I think that’s pretty good going.”

I am trying to figure out how she still has those abs.

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