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Watch Dave Chappelle Call Will Smith “Gangster” For Slapping Chris Rock on Jada Pinkett’s Demand

The issue of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars isn’t going to sleep anytime soon as people especially celebrities and famous people keep reacting to it on a daily basis. It appears the infamous slap has become a popular question thrown at celebrities anytime they appear on shows to be interviewed.

Well, comedian, Dave Chappelle has also talked about the infamous slap via Vlad;

Dave Chappelle’s recent show for Netflix at the Hollywood Bowl made headlines as the comedian was tackled by a man who tried to lunge at him with a weapon. The incident came weeks after Chris Rock was slapped while on the Academy Awards stage by Will Smith. Funny enough, it appears that Chappelle had a bit about the entire situation in his stand-up ahead of being tackled and was candid about his thoughts on Rock being slapped.

Chappelle immediately pointed out how he felt Smith sitting back down and enjoying the rest of the evening following the slap was “gangster.” From there, he talked about Rock’s joke, saying Rock is his friend but he doesn’t have an easy “delivery.”

The comedian then addressed people who said Smith wouldn’t touch Chappelle like that. Chappelle responded by saying “Shut the f**k up, you gonna get me slapped!”

Comedians are going to be talking about this for years. It is easy material to use no matter which side you are on. It is hard to say if Will would have slapped any other comedian. He has a history with Rock and might believe that Pinkett cheated on him with Rock many years ago. Smith better how that doesn’t become public knowledge, then things will really get out of hand. We know how much Jada loves those entanglements.

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