Cowboys Trevon Diggs’ Baby Mama Yasmine Lopez Call Him Out Again For Being A Deadbeat Dad – BlackSportsOnline
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Cowboys Trevon Diggs’ Baby Mama Yasmine Lopez Call Him Out Again For Being A Deadbeat Dad

Cowboys star CB Trevon Diggs’ baby momma Yasmine Lopez has called him out again for being a deadbeat father and according to her, Diggs “has only seen his soon-to-be one-year-old twice and for less than 30 minutes each time.” Yasmine also added that he’s plotting to get joint custody of their son.

This is Yasmine’s entire statement via TPS;

“He does absolutely nothing for my son. My child is about to be 1 and he has only seen his father twice for less than 30 minutes. At the end of the day it isn’t even about money.

“I much rather him be in his child’s life and be an active father but if he doesn’t that’s on him.

“My son is loved unconditionally and doesn’t want or need for anything. The man asks to see me more than his own son and has the nerve to take me to court for JOINT custody.

“What a joke? My son doesn’t even know him! When he sees his father he literally screams!”

Some people on the internet also gave her their two cents on the accusations;

“that’s what happens when you sell coochie and try to keep a baby from a guy who wanted nothing more than a nut from you….

“Karma for messing with somebody that you called your friend man. Literally nobody feels bad for you lmfaooooo

“You people meet and breed for men solely because they have money and you intent on being provided for through that offspring. Does it ever occur to you that the men you all choose don’t know the first thing about stability and fatherhood? Close your legs and open your minds!

“Meanwhile, these girls still making babies with these athletes hoping it’ll change something

“Yet you laid with him and proceed to participate in unsafe s3x. You knew what it was. Some ladies are a mess and it’s hard to empathize with them when they turn into Ray Charles when the flags be red AF.

“Don’t cry now you should’ve thought about this when you was laid up with him

“I ain’t gonna call him a deadbeat because he for damn sure always has his other son. Women let this be a lesson. Stop trying to trap men, it doesn’t work out for y’all!

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