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Deshaun Watson Offer His Massage Accusers $100k Each to Say They Are Liars and Settle Lawsuits

Deshaun Watson is reportedly willing to offer each of the alleged victims some amount of money and the question is, would these victims accept whatever amount of money he’s offering? Do they want justice or money?

It’s reported that Deshaun Watson is willing to offer each of the victims $100K for them to drop the lawsuits. According to TPS;

A new lawsuit alleging sexual assault and harassment during massage sessions was filed Tuesday against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, who now faces 23 civil cases. We found out on Wednesday morning that one more will be filed which will take the number to 24.

These will be the first new lawsuits filed against Watson since April 2021.

One of the footnotes in the latest suit mentions how Watson’s camp offered each of the plaintiffs $100,000 to settle.

Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin issued a statement on Tuesday night after the 23rd lawsuit was brought to light.

“Deshaun Watson vehemently denies the allegations, just as he has since she first discussed them with members of our firm in March of last year,” Hardin said. “She repeated the allegations on social media in August and he denied them then. The only thing new about her contentions is the embellishment making them more extreme than prior versions. Deshaun’s denial remains the same.”

Watson consistently has denied the accusations made by those who are suing him. Regardless, there are now 24 different women suing him.

That is over $2 million but considering the Browns handed him a $230 million guaranteed contract that is like you and I giving out $240 to 24 people.

I would say he wishes they would have taken the money, but it doesn’t seem like he is going to get punished, so maybe he truly doesn’t have any regrets as he has said.

What do you think?

Should Watson just offer them more money to go away.

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