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Deshaun Watson Quotes Lil Durk to Proclaim His Innocence After 30+ Women Accuse Him of Massage Assault

Deshaun Watson and his lawyers have made a couple of things clear.

Watson loves getting massages from random women, which isn’t against the law. Watson got upwards of 100+ massages over a two-year time frame.

Watson and his attorneys don’t think getting happy endings is bad as long as it is consensual.

All the women are liars.

Even though we are up to over 30+ women accusing him, Watson wants you to believe they all wanted whatever type of interaction happened between them.

The New York Times presented three new women who aren’t even suing Watson, who said he was being a creep during massages. 

The Times’s reporting found that he booked appointments with at least 66 different women in just the 17 months from fall 2019 through spring 2021. A few of these additional women, speaking publicly for the first time, described experiences that undercut Watson’s insistence that he was only seeking professional massage therapy.

One woman, who did not sue Watson or complain to the police, told The Times that he was persistent in his requests for sexual acts during their massage, including “begging” her to put her mouth on his penis.

She described how he tried to build up to sexual acts, starting with his request that she work on his behind and go higher up on his inner thighs, which put her hands uncomfortably close to his testicles. When he flipped over, she said, he was exposed with an erection, but she refused his requests for oral sex.

Most of the women Watson saw for massages did not sue or call the police. But even some who did not complain said Watson came looking for sex.

The woman who sold bottles of cleanser to Watson had a few appointments with him during the summer of 2020. This aesthetician, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect her privacy, told Watson when he booked an appointment that she was licensed only to give him a back facial. But she said in an interview with The Times that he got fully undressed and directed her toward his groin. While she said there was no sexual contact, she believed that he was seeking more than a professional massage.

Watson and his lawyers have said he was only seeking massages. The lawyers have acknowledged that Watson had sexual contact with three of the women who have sued him. But the sexual acts took place after the massages, they said, and were initiated by the women. Asked whether he was asserting that Watson never had sexual contact with any other massage therapists, Hardin didn’t respond.

Another woman who spoke to The Times, a physical therapist who did not sue Watson, said he initiated sexual contact in all three of their appointments.

This woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect her privacy, said in an interview she began by working on Watson’s back. But when he flipped over, she said his demeanor and voice changed, and he began aggressively dictating where he wanted her to touch him. In their first session, she said he got into the happy baby yoga pose — on his back with his feet in his hands — and asked her to massage between his testicles and anus. She laughed off the request but said he grabbed her wrist and put her hand there.

The woman said Watson twice initiated sexual intercourse, once by pulling down the scrubs she was wearing. She and Watson knew each other from around town and were on friendly terms, and she admitted she let him proceed with these sexual acts. “I just didn’t know how to tell him no,” she said.

Watson broke his silence on social media by quoting some rap lyrics.

I am sure he didn’t run this by his attorney, but he is essentially saying these are all “rumors” that aren’t true, and he will continue to deny them.

Here are the lyrics by Lil Durk.

See, the blogs can’t break me down, see, I’m the voice, I don’t reply
But the rumors y’all done heard, I’ma humbly deny, yeah, yeah

I like Lil Durk as much as the next guy, but this isn’t the way.

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