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Watch Deshaun Watson’s Lawyer Rusty Hardin Say Happy Endings Are Not a Crime

The back and forth between Deshaun Watson’s lawyer and the 24 massages accusers’ lawyer Tony Buzbee is something they will teach in civil law school for years to come.

From the first press conference, Rusty Hardin has been very clear that Deshaun Watson likes his happy endings, and s*xual activities took place, but it was all consensual, and the massage therapists wanted it.

Hardin took it a step further today by saying just making someone feel uncomfortable during a massage session isn’t a crime and isn’t something you should be able to get sued for.

According to Hardin, happy endings are only a crime if you pay money for them.

In essence, Hardin is saying if you get a massage and the woman just decides to give you a hand job because she wants to, or you ask politely, that is entirely legal. It is illegal if you offer her an extra $50 for it.

The accusers’ lawyer Tony Buzbee says to say that publicly is insane.

“He singlehandedly is losing the case before we pick a jury,” Tony Buzbee said of Hardin.

Buzbee told USA TODAY Sports the women “didn’t agree to the massages to give Deshaun Watson a happy ending.”

“That Mr. Hardin would suggest that Watson was OK in expecting that kind of conduct is disgusting,” Buzbee said. “I think Mr. Hardin himself in his moment of clarity may have ended Watson’s career.”

As far as Watson’s latest accuser, here is what Hardin had to say.

Deshaun Watson vehemently denies the allegations, just as he has since she first discussed them with members of our firm in March of last year. She repeated the allegations on social media in August and he denied them then. The only thing new about her contentions is the embellishment making them more extreme than prior versions. Deshaun’s denial remains the same.

The two highly respected lawyers from our firm, Letitia Quinones and Rachel Lewis, also vehemently deny there was any coercion or intimidation involved in the very cordial meeting at Vic and Anthony’s (Mr. Buzbee and the plaintiff are not even right about where the meeting was, much less what was said). They met her to see if she was one of Mr. Buzbee’s then still anonymous plaintiffs. At that time Mr. Buzbee refused to identify his clients. The suggestion that either of these two accomplished lawyers would have said “us black women must stick together” is absurd. The interview was so congenial, she joined the lawyers for dinner afterwards.

We are aware that more than a year ago she had other lawyers representing her and they ultimately terminated the representation. This plaintiff has long had a vendetta against Deshaun since she jealously and angrily published Deshaun’s personal data on social media in November 2020. In filing her lawsuit now she was obviously not influenced by recent developments. We are not surprised Mr. Buzbee was willing to say just about anything to get more publicity. He knows the NFL continues to investigate these cases, and this is a transparent attempt to further punish the man he sees as a potential payday.

Flip the page for Hardin, saying happy endings aren’t illegal and making women uncomfortable is not a crime. Along with some of the Twitter reactions.

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