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Fans Trash Solange’s Son, Julez’s Rap Song After He Previewed It On Social Media

There are a lot of mean fans on the internet who will tell it to your face without showing any mercy. Well, Solange’s son Julez, grandson of Tina Knowles, the nephew of Beyonce and Jay-Z is getting trashed on social media after he previewed his rap song via Vlad;

The bloodline of Daniel Julez J Smith is steeped in decades of excellent artistry and musicality. He’s the grandson of Tina Knowles, the nephew of Beyonce and Jay-Z, and the only son of Solange. But according to a plethora of users on social media, none of those things appeared to come into play when the 17-year-old  shared a couple of bars from an original rap song of his on TikTok.

“I’m tryna feed the game to n*ggas, but they always think it’s sweet,” rapped Julez, as he sat in a recording studio with a pair of sunglasses on. “Just like Future said a while ago, ‘the feds is bittersweet.’ F*ck the London drill, we gon get our clothes shipped out from Greece.”

When The Neighborhood Talk re-posted the video on IG, a bevy of account users laid into the young artist, citing what they perceived as his inability to stay on the beat, while also mocking the fact that he shares the same DNA as Beyonce.

Here are some mean comments by fans on social media;

“Blue Ivy could do better,” wrote one user.

“Blue face 2.0 without the beat, added another user.

“Uncle Jay definitely didn’t sign off on this,” wrote another user.

Other fans were there to encourage him to do better next time;

“Just smile and nod just in case Beyoncè watching. Go Julez!” Said a supporter.

“He kinda hard man y’all just hating,” added another supporter for Julez.

There is more on Solange’s son Julez;

Just two months after allegedly getting his ex-lover pregnant, Solage’s son has once again reemerged in the spotlight, as he slowly makes a name for himself apart from his famous relatives.

Let’s just be honest the man is hot garbage on a loaf.

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