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French Montana on How to Survive The Kardashian Curse

French Montana in a recent interview opened up about the Kardashian curse and claimed that there is no Kardashian curse. According to him, the media doesn’t pay attention to one’s talent when in a relationship with a Kardashian.

Here is what French Montana had to say about the Kardashian curse via TJB;

“I was basically saying it like, you know, there is no curse. That’s why I’m still doing my thing. I think that’s what I was saying in the song. I was like ‘there is no curse, so i’m doing my thing.’”

“And Travis doing his thing, you know. I just feel like, you know, and shoutout to them. I just feel like, when you go out with them, or have a relationship with them or anybody at they caliber, I feel like that, you know, the media start picking up on your relationship life and forget about your, you know, your talent life. You know what I’m saying? Your music life, your acting life, or whatever it is.”

“It overshadows everything. You become this reality star, well that’s not really the goal. You know what I’m saying? You could be playing basketball, you could be doing whatever it is. It takes away from your game when they be like ‘yo, this guy is now, this this-’ cause he go out with ‘this, this’ you know what I’m saying? So that label just changed.”

For example Tristan Thompson if he didn’t date a Kardashian would just be a random role NBA player people would have quickly forgotten about after he wasn’t in the league. His cheating wouldn’t have been covered by CNN if he was just dating a random IG model. That is the gift and curse of dating a Kardashian. They can make you more famous or infamous.

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