IG Model Aliza Jane Says Kanye Had Her Twerk in Front of Him and Future For Inspiration for Donda 2 Album – BlackSportsOnline
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IG Model Aliza Jane Says Kanye Had Her Twerk in Front of Him and Future For Inspiration for Donda 2 Album

One model named Aliza Jane claims that Kanye West once brought her to the studio to twerk naked for him and Future while recording “Donda 2”. Kanye and Future were probably hit with writer’s block and needed someone to release them off the block to continue recording.

Vlad got more;

Aliza Jane, who goes by @sheagreekfreak on a private Instagram page, told host Sofia, “I met [Kanye] that night, got his number, he like went back to LA and the next time he was in Miami he was like ‘come over to Future’s house like we’re in the studio.’ So I go there pulling up, cause like they’re in the studio I want to see them make music and I want to show him my music.”

Aliza added, “He literally has me come in the studio and get butt a** naked and just like twerk in front of him and all of his friends. He says ‘get naked’, and I was like ok. He was working on his album Donda 2 so like it was loud and I didn’t want to be like…just want to be a fly on the wall.”

During the conversation, Aliza claimed that Kanye “passed” her to Future, but she says he got mad when she told him that she wanted to hook up with Pusha-T. Aliza explained that she wanted to make Drake mad by sleeping with his “arch-enemy.”

Aliza is the same woman who said she gave oral relations to 7 Phoenix Suns at the same damn time.

These are FACTS, not opinions.

Regardless if you believe Aliza Jane is telling the truth or not, from the time she went viral telling a story about giving oral sex to seven players on the Phoenix Suns at the same damn time they have gone 71-25 and secured a spot in the NBA Finals

That is a FACT.

Is it a coincidence, maybe, but should she get a ring if the Suns win the NBA Finals which is certainly looking possible at the moment.

They call her the Throat GOAT for a reason.

She has changed her Twitter profile pic to reflect she considers herself a part of the time.

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