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Rapper Lil Tjay Who Was Shot 7 Times Was Allegedly Set Up By A Woman He Met At Nightclub

New York Rapper Lil Tjay was shot seven times and it’s been rumored that he was set up by a woman he met at the nightclub. According to reports, he is currently recovering from seven gunshot wounds.

MTO News got more;

Media Take Out spoke with someone close to the Bronx rapper who believes that Lil Tjay was “set up” by a female whom he met at the nightclub, just hours before the shooting.

NY rapper was shot multiple times in the chest, and that both his lungs collapsed – TWICE.

Paramedics were able to re-inflate his lungs in the ambulance, and then doctors re-inflated the rappers lungs a second time, as he lay on the operating table.

The insider, who asked to remain anonymous, explained, “It’s a miracle he’s alive. God was with him.” The insider also gave some information on how the rapper – who travels with security – was able to get caught lacking.

The insider told Media Take Out, ‘It was a girl. He met her at the club, and she went back to his apartment. We think she called people and lined up [Lil Tjay.”

Police are currently investigating the shooting, and have already apprehended a man whom they believe was the shooter, Mohamed Konate. While people close to Lil Tjay suspect a woman’s involvement, that has not yet been officially confirmed by a police investigation.

Here is an update on his condition.

Lil Tjay still has a lot of bumps in his road to recovery after Wednesday’s shooting … TMZ Hip Hop has learned.

The platinum-selling rapper still remains unconscious in the hospital … according to sources close to the situation. We’re told he’s scheduled for a CAT Scan and outside of moving his legs yesterday, he’s made no other bodily movements.

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story — NJ police say Tjay was shot multiple times by a man named Mohamed Konate, who was arrested — but also admitted to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Prosecutors say hospital video shows someone leaving Konate on the ground outside a hospital.

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