Russell Westbrook’s Wife Nina Hits Back At Skip Bayless Over ‘Westbrick’ Comment – BlackSportsOnline
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Russell Westbrook’s Wife Nina Hits Back At Skip Bayless Over ‘Westbrick’ Comment

Russell Westbrook’s wife Nina Westbrook has fired back at Skip Bayless over his ‘Westbrick’ comment. According to Nina, it’s disheartening for Skip Bayless to continue to shame her family.

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All season long, Bayless has been calling the Lakers point guard by the damning nickname, “Westbrick”. And finally, the former MVP had enough.

After Skip Bayless made a wisecrack after the NBA Draft, Russell Westbrook took to social media to slam him for saying things he would never say in person.

Now, Russel Westbrook’s wife, Nina, is also joining the Skip Bayless hate party. The longtime spouse hopped not he web to trash Skip over the “Westbrick” name.

“It’s very disheartening that you would choose to continue to shame my family name,” she wrote. “Today was a really sad day my daughters and me. The fact that you can’t respect a simple request not to try to tarnish my family name is saddening and such a pile on. It’s extremely hurtful.”

Skip has already invited Russ on the show and claims he will call him Westbrick to his face.

Russell Westbrook has to be above this.

I know he is sensitive about being Westbrick, but that is within the realm of acceptable trash talk. He knows Skip Bayless is a troll and trying to get a reaction from him, so he needs to be more like LeBron and just let it go.

He doesn’t look good in these situations.

You can’t threaten a journalist over a nickname, even if it is bad.

In the end, people will still call Russ “Westbrick” if that is indeed what he does on the court.

If he improves his shooting, he doesn’t have to worry about the name. Skip is winning because now he has all the attention on him and he is calling out Westbrook to come on the show.

It is a lose-lose for Westbrook. If he comes on the show and Skip calls him Westbrick if he punches in the face it is still a win for Skip who will get the highest ratings for his show ever and if he doesn’t punch him he looks weak for all that stuff he said on Twitter.

The best thing to do with someone like Skip is just ignore him.

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