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Skip Bayless Criticized For Saying Steph Curry Acted “Light Skin” in the NBA Finals

In the effort to be cool and keep up with social media, a lot of times, people use words, phrases, and catchphrases they have absolutely no idea what they actually mean.

Sometimes you can overstep trying to be too in touch with the culture. You get caught up with people, for lack of a better phrase inviting you to the cookout, and now you are just saying words that you would never have said previously.

A few people started calling Skip Bayless “Drip Bayless,” and now he is acting like he’s Pac on TV.

In the culture, when you say someone says, “you are acting light-skinned,” it means you are being soft. It can be used as a joke, but others will say it is a form of colorism. That is another discussion for another day, but this is usually spoken about in black culture.

It should be pointed out all cultures have their own inside jokes, so it gets tricky when someone outside of that culture decides to start speaking about it.

This brings us back to Skip Bayless talking about Curry acting “light-skinned.”

On Undisputed, Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debate on if Curry is a Top 10 NBA player of all-time, which led to this mini rant from Bayless.

“I don’t care what Twitter says, I don’t care what anyone says, I just know what I did and did not see from little light-skinned Steph. There have been too many times when he got so light-skinned in the Finals I couldn’t see him any more, because he turned into a ghost. He just went ‘Poof!’ right before your very eyes.”

In this context, Skip is using Steph’s skin color to say he disappears isn’t really how it is used in the culture. That said, white people shouldn’t use any color to describe a black person.

Look at it like this, what if Skip had said Draymond was acting “Dark Skin.” That would have had people calling for him to be fired.

We will see if this gets to the level where Skip has to make an apology, or will they just keep it moving.

Flip the pages for the video and some of the Twitter reactions.

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