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Summer Walker Trashed Over Her Outfit Exposing Herself At The 2022 BET Awards Red Carpet

Summer Walker is on the chopping board over her the hot outfit she rocked on the 2022 BET Awards red carpet. It was really hot with her thighs and parts of her breasts all exposed for the cameras.

According to Page Six;

Summer Walker’s 2022 BET Awards outfit turned heads — but some people didn’t like what they saw.

The “No Love” singer hit the red carpet on Sunday night wearing a Laurel Street look comprised of a miniskirt and completely open “bra” made of black crystals and gold coins, along with a pair of gilded pasties.

As the newly pregnant star (who uses they/them pronouns) shared on Instagram, the sexy getup was “inspired by traditional Hmong jewelry.”

Many on the platform swiftly criticized Walker, 26, for “sexualizing” the attire of the indigenous people, who primarily live in Southwest China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Here are some comments lashing out at Summer Walker over her outfit;

“This ain’t it,” one Instagram user commented on their post, while others chimed in with “just no,” “oh nah” and “girl this is still not okay.”

Added another, “giving credit is nice but wearing it like this is still not cool.”

There is more;

While Walker has yet to respond to the criticism, Laurel Street issued an apology on Instagram Stories Monday.

“I am of South Asian heritage I understand we should have mentioned the beautiful Hmong culture,” the brand wrote. “I didn’t mean to offend any of you, I love to celebrate all cultures [and] diversity … I apologies [sic] for not sharing and educating on the history of the Hmong people and I will further educate myself.”

It is trashy looking if we are being honest. I understand everyone is trying to go viral but there are better ways to do it. This wasn’t the flex that she thought it would be.

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