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Watch Dad Get Caught Texting An Escort While With His Daughter At White Sox Game

Did daddy need some quickie? A video of a dad texting an escort/mistress while with his daughter at a White Sox game has gone viral on the internet with funny reactions.

Daddy was wild making sure he gets laid right after the game via TPS;

We’ve seen time and time again, people sending racy text messages at a sporting event, only to have the person behind them expose all their infidelities on social media. The latest victim of such circumstances was this father at a recent Chicago White Sox game.

The fact that he had his font size set so ridiculously large only made it that much easier to see the explicit messages he was sending his escort⁠—all while his daughter innocently watched the game in the seat next to him.

Upon closer inspection, you can see some of the raunchy messages that were being sent back and forth. In one message, it appears as though the dad is offering a $100 gift card for the woman’s services.

“Ok so for a 100 buck gift card I get 30 minutes with you,” he says in the offer. He continues the negotiation by saying, “I can make out with you,” before getting into the more explicit stuff.

There’s some pretty hardcore acts that these two appear to be planning out, so we’re not going to get into too much detail regarding the rest of their conversation.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Stop DM’ing your mistresses at sporting events. And if you absolutely must, make sure your phone’s font isn’t set on the largest possible size.

A couple of things here.

First, stop being weirdos and recording people’s text messages. Secondly, if you have to use that big font go to the eye doctor. Thirdly we don’t know if he is married he could be a single man which would make this perfectly fine. Lastly, he is getting some incredible rates for 30 minutes service.

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