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Watch Ex-Boxer Turned Security Guard Julius Francis Knock Out Man Causing Trouble With a Single Punch

This London man picked the wrong place to cause trouble and with just one punch from boxing champ-turned-security guard Julius Francis, he was on the ground unconscious. You don’t mess around with a former boxer who fought Mike Tyson via the New York Post;

A man in London picked the wrong place at the wrong time to stir up trouble.

Julius Francis, a 57-year-old former professional boxer who was once the British champion and in 2000 fought Mike Tyson, is now a security guard at BOXPARK Wembley.

In the video, a man in a blue du-rag is seen repeatedly yelling obscenities at the security staff and other people who appeared to be workers at the venue, saying “f–k you!” too many times to count, and yelling, “I’ll f–k you up!”

The man shoves multiple people as a group of security guards try to nudge him away from a set of guardrails around the space.

About 45 seconds into the clip, Francis unleashes an absolutely vicious right-hand, knocking the rabble rouser down with one of the most severe head-shots you’ll ever see in a viral internet video.

Here are some more details of Francis’ boxing career.

Julius Francis (born 8 December 1964) is a British former professional boxer who participated in many noteworthy boxing matches in the mid 90s and 2000s. In 2007, he also participated in a mixed martial arts bout, having been a former European heavyweight kickboxing champion.

In June, he enjoyed the sweetest victory of his career as he outpointed former conqueror Scott Welch who was 22-3 (17 knockouts). He would vacate his Commonwealth title later in the year to set up the biggest fight of his career. At the age of 35, Francis got a shot at visiting iconic ex-champ Mike Tyson, in Manchester in January 2000. Francis was decked five times and lost in two rounds, although enjoyed the biggest payday of his career (around £350,000). The certainty of his defeat can be gauged by the fact that The Mirror, a national newspaper in the UK, had paid £20,000 for an advert on the soles of Francis’s shoes.

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