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27-Year-Old Devaughn Aubrey Met His 74-Year-Old Fiancee Kathi Jenkins on Adult FriendFinder

Couple Kathi Jenkins and Devaughn Aubrey aren’t cool with how people on the internet are trashing their relationship all because it’s a relationship with a 47-year age gap. That’s a lot but to them, age is just a number.

As a young man, would you date with a woman older enough to be your grandmother? There is more from the New York Post;

Kathi Jenkins, 74, first met her now-fiancé Devaughn Aubrey, 27, on the adult hookup site Adult FriendFinder, both saying they weren’t looking for something serious but ended up finding long-term love.

The Texas couple — who have a 47-year age difference — originally started dating in 2012 and are now engaged to be married, gushing about their love for one another.

“She is so perfect for me and she is very experienced in life and teaches me a lot. We never fight, can always talk without yelling and I trust her completely,” Aubrey told SWNS.

“Kathi knows how to make me feel better when I’m upset and sad but then it makes me miss her more,” he continued. “I guess I like how old she is because I like older women or old women regardless if she needs a walker and stuff. I have never been bothered by that.”

Jenkins, who is retired, has never married but has four children, 13 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandson.

She also claimed her relationship with her younger fiancé is the healthiest one she’s ever been in.

“No one ever loved me so completely,” she said. “Devaughn is kind and supportive. He thinks I’m beautiful, talented and smart.”

The loved-up couple said their family and friends were initially a bit taken aback by the age difference, but have now accepted it and are very supportive.

“I told my mother about her when we started dating but she thought I was joking about her age until we spent our birthdays together and showed her our pictures, but I’m sure my parents and siblings got the hint that I like older women,” Aubrey said.

Aubrey, who works as a stocker at Walmart and a porter for condos, was previously married at 24 but divorced in 2021, shortly before he met his now-fiancé.

“I do have friends around Kathi’s age; some are concerned that I might want kids and can’t understand why I would want someone older, but they are still supportive,” he continued, adding that there are plenty of skeptics who weigh in on their relationship.

“Because of our age gap, sometimes people assume that Kathi is rich and that I want all her money — which is not the case at all,” he said.

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