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Kyrie Irving Told Nets He Only Wanted to Play a Max of 60 Games and No Back to Back Games

KyThe Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant’s situation seems to be getting messier and messier as time goes on.

If you believe all the reports.

Kyrie opted in and it was first reported that he still wanted out of Brooklyn but it has now been reported that he wish is to stay there and finish what he started. Meanwhile, KD reportedly had a meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai and reiterated his wish to be traded because he doesn’t have any faith in the franchise.

Both have taken a lot of heat during this off season and that probably won’t stop unless they won a championship.

Now, the latest thing that has come from the situation is the report from Fox Sports’ Ric Bucher who said Kyrie wanted a new contract that stated he only had to play 60 games and no back to backs.

“[Nets governor] Joe Tsai has already shown he’s willing to play hardball with Kyrie by taking a max extension off the table almost immediately,” Bucher said. “Now, part of that may be Kyrie’s doing. I’m told he wanted his new contract to guarantee he wouldn’t have to play more than 60 games in a season and would not have to play any back-to-backs, which he apparently referred to as inhumane.”

Kyrie hasn’t really spoke at all this offseason so we can only take this with a grain of salt so who really knows if this is true.

People are questioning it because it came from Ric Bucher who recently said that Ben Simmons left a group chat when asked if he would play in the playoffs.

Simmons said that was a lie, so who do you believe?  The thing about the report is it does sound like something that Kyrie would say, so it is probably 50/50 if it is true or not.

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