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Mike Tyson on How Chris Rock Should Handle Jada Pinkett and Will Smith After The Oscars Slap

The noise about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars isn’t dying down soon. Mike Tyson has some advice for Chris Rock on the action he should take following the Oscars slap drama.

According to Tyson via Essentially Sports, Chris should sue the Oscars for not giving him much protection while hosting the Oscars. Is Mike Tyson making sense?

Recently, on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, stand-up comedian and actor David Spade made an appearance. Among other topics, the two engaged in a conversation about Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Spade felt it was absolutely impossible on Rock’s part to predict what would happen next, the moment Will Smith stepped up on the stage to confront Rock. Irrespective of everything, the Grown-up actor, who worked alongside Chris Rock, appreciated Rock’s reaction to the entire matter concerning him.

However, Mike Tyson interrupted David Spade and asked if Chris Rock filed lawsuits following the shocking Oscar incident. Tyson said, “He got some lawsuits coming up, don’t he? He doesn’t have to sue; he could just sue the organization for not protecting.”

And here is David Spade’s take on the Oscars slap incident;

According to David Spade, The Academy did not bother much about the Chris Rock and Will Smith altercation. Well, Chris Rock personally did not file a lawsuit, but The Academy did not strongly condemn Smith’s actions either. Unfortunately, Spade feels the problem lies in the emptiness of the repercussions. He said, “Yeah, they (The Academy) didn’t seem to do a whole hell of a lot about it.”

“I mean, I had heard they went up and asked Will Smith if he wanted to leave. And he (Will Smith) said no. No one wants to get in the police car. I think they said, ‘hey, they want you to get off.’ And he goes, ‘no, I’m good.’ And they go, ‘okay,’” Spade added by saying.

Spade even expressed how Kate Middleton and her 3-year-old child could have overshadowed Chris Rock and Will Smith. But, all in a hypothetical situation, as Spade himself said.

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