Ben Simmons Says He Didn’t Play in Game 4 on NBA Playoffs Last Season Because His Glutes Weren’t Working – BlackSportsOnline
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Ben Simmons Says He Didn’t Play in Game 4 on NBA Playoffs Last Season Because His Glutes Weren’t Working

Listen, if you are hurt you are hurt.

I am going to give Ben Simmons the benefit of the doubt here. He says he didn’t play last season either mentally or physically. He denied leaving the group chat when the Nets begged him to play in Game 4,

Ben Simmons reportedly did not like it when his Brooklyn Nets teammates asked him if he planned on playing during the team’s first-round exit against the Boston Celtics.

“They’re having a team chat before Game 4, thinking he’s going to play against the Celtics, and from what I’m told, Ben just left the chat,” Ric Bucher told Colin Cowherd on FS1’s The Herd last week (8:30 mark). “They asked him, ‘Are you going to play?’ Ben left the chat. Like he didn’t even answer the question. Just left the chat.”

According to Simmons who was on the “The Old Man and the Three” podcast the real reason he didn’t play was that he was hurt.

“Terrible,” Simmons said. “Thing is, you have a lot of guys in the NBA that might be like, ‘Oh, I’m sore today. I’m hurt. I can’t play.’ And the situation I’m in is not a normal situation, so it’s hard for me to be like, ‘I actually can’t play.’

“But me, knowing me, I’m like, ‘Let me just try and prove them wrong. Let me try and get on the court,’ because everyone’s saying, like, ‘You need to play, otherwise it’s going to be bad for you.’ I’m like, ‘All right.’ So when it got to that point, when I’m in practice, like, I know I’m not feeling right. I can’t, my muscles — my glutes’ [are] not working. I can’t jump, I can’t dunk. And people don’t see that stuff.

“But that was the reality of it. And me, I’m about to play, I’m about to go into Game 4 — I tried to go into Game 4. I’m on the ground, I can’t even move. So it’s a real thing. And for me, it was frustrating because you have everyone saying whatever. But I try to block that out. If I’m hurt, I’m hurt. I’m not trying to sit out.”

Do you believe Simmons?

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