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DaBaby Says He Slept With Megan Thee Stallion The Day Before Tory Lanez Allegedly Shot Her

DaBaby dropped a new album tonight and decided he needed a little boost.

These days, the best way to do that is to take shots at another famous artist. In this case, DaBaby takes shots at Megan Thee Stallion and her boyfriend, Pardi Fontaine.

Here are the lyrics.

DaBaby is alleging he slept with Megan Thee Stallion on a song off his new album.

On Friday (Sept. 23), DaBaby released his new 14-song LP, Baby on Baby 2. The album features a track titled “Boogeyman,” which finds the controversial North Carolina rapper being messy about supposed s*xual encounters with MTS.

“You play with me that sh*t was childish/The day before she said that Tory Lanez shot her, I was f*ckin on Megan Thee Stallion,” DaBaby raps, referencing the incident where Tory Lanez is accused of shooting Megan in Los Angeles on July 12, 2020. “Waited to say that shit on my next album/Hit it the day before too/But I kept it player, I ain’t say nothing ’bout it/Had her pretty boy, boyfriend tweeting me, ready to die ’bout the b*tch like a coward/I told you niggas don’t play, now you gone have to handle me/I poked the muthaf*ckin bear, I’m a animal.”

The second part of the run is a call-back to his June 2021 back-and-forth on Twitter with Megan’s boyfriend Pardison Fontaine. The drama between the two men reached a head following Megan and DaBaby trading shots on social media after Baby reposted a joke about Tory shooting Megan and appeared on a track with Tory called “Skat.”

Megan must have a short man fetish.

While her current boyfriend is tall, a lot of the men she had dealt with in the past have been shorter than 5’5″ the fact she is 5’10” means she towers over them.

Do you think what the DaBaby is doing is corny or did he just expose Megan again?

While you ponder that, flip the pages for the song.

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