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Deontay Wilder on What He’s Doing to Be a More Complete Fighter and Potentially Fighting Usyk

Deontay Wilder is at that point of his career that a lot of fighters get to.

They have taking some hard losses, have taken some time off and are preparing for their comeback. Sometimes this goes without of hitch and they have a second reign as a champion.

Others never return to glory and are never the same.

You never know until a few fights after those tough losses. Wilder is back after two very tough losses to Tyson Fury and he is fighting former sparring partner Robert Helenius.

Helenius is coming off two impressive wins over Adam Kownacki and feels like he is ready to upset the apple cart.

One of the issues Wilder had with Fury was his gas tank and being one dimensional. He and his trainer says they have corrected that in this camp.

“We’ve been doing 30 or 40 rounds nonstop. Only time I get water is during the break. I’ve just been doing things like that to challenge myself, doing things that have never been done before, or that you don’t really do in boxing. I wanted to see how my body adjusts to the long length of time without a break. When you can go a long time without taking a break, you’re in shape.”

Here is what his trainer Malik Scott had to say.

“We’ve put in over 500 rounds on the pads and 500 rounds just with intent shadow boxing. What I’m impressed with the most by Deontay, whatever it takes to make himself a complete fighter, he’s willing to try. He’s willing to put a gallant effort into that, and that’s what we’ve been doing.

“There are so many different dimensions to this guy’s game. I just want the world to see it because I’ve been seeing it for the past few years. And what I mean by that is he’s not just a one-punch knockout artist. He can do so many different things in the ring and then set them up for the one-punch knockout. He’s a good body puncher. He has a great left hook. It’s just about him having tons of discipline, sticking to a gameplan, having humility and doing these things with importance.”

Usyk will be in attendance and if Wilder’s wins we could see a potential showdown between the two.

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