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IG Model Valentina Bellucci Says Men Are Paying Her to Rate Their Packages

Adult film star Valentina Bellucci is getting paid, but not from the movies.

She is getting paid for being a critic.

A critic of packages.

I kid you not. Men are paying for Valentina to rate their packages and are paying big bucks.

She’s helping men beat their penis anxieties one click at a time.

Las Vegas vixen Valentina Bellucci is turning a handsome profit by turning men’s frowns upside down about the lengths and sizes of their genitals. And the busty bombshell reassures her clients that penises are like breasts — their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

“Basically, men pay [me] to look at a picture of their d–k and tell them if it looks good and mainly if it’s big enough,” Bellucci, 35, told DailyStar.

The Italy-born brunette, who produces and performs in erotica, is regularly inundated with saucy “d–k rating” requests from guys on Skype and OnlyFans seeking honest crotch critiques.

“Unfortunately, a lot of men think that size is the only thing that matters, and a hot girl wouldn’t want to have sex with them if their d–k is too small,” the siren said.

In the US, the average length of a penis is 5.17 inches, per a recent study on manhood measurements across 86 nations. Overall, researchers found that American men rank as having the 59th-biggest penises in the world.

Ecuadorian gents earned top billing with wow-worthy weenies reaching up to 6.95 inches. Cambodians, however, came up short, securing last place at a mere 3.95 inches when fully erect.

Damn Cambodians, that is a tough pill to swallow, but as long as you got a good personality, you can always find a lovely lady.

It also helps if you are rich, so get to work Cambodians, so you don’t get embarrassed by Valentina. I wonder how much she is charging for this.

Crazy world we live in.

Flip the pages for Valentina at work.

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