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Russell Wilson Accused of “Code Switching” and Changing His Voice in Latest Corny Video

Fans had to jump into Russell Wilson’s defense after one Twitter user called him out for changing his voice while picking out suits with his wife Ciara and their friends.

This is known as code-switching.

Atlanta Blackstar has more;

Russell Wilson‘s fans came to the football player’s defense after a Twitter user pointed out how his tone changes in different environments. This remark came after Wilson uploaded a fashion video with his wife Ciara and their friends.

In a post that was shared on Sept. 23, on some of Wilson’s social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, the group was seen helping the 33-year-old pick out suits for undisclosed events.

The Denver Broncos quarterback started the video by saying, “So when you at the house, you in you own kitchen, you got to get the whole squad here to pick out your suits. This is how you do it, it’s either a yes or no. You love it or you don’t like it. Are you ready? Y’all ready.” Throughout the clip, Ciara and the group were heard saying “yes or no” as Wilson swiped through the photos on his phone. Following their reaction, Wilson said, “All right, y’all did pretty good. That’s how you do that right there.”

In addition to the video, Wilson wrote the caption, “Friday Night Picks w/ the Homies + @Ciara’s Matcha Häagen-Dazs.” As the upload circulated online, a Twitter user named @dianteleefb brought up how Wilson changes his demeanor, including his voice, when he’s around a different group of people. While mentioning the word code-switching, that person wrote, “The way this man changes his voice based on his environment goes beyond code-switching.” Code-switching means alternating between languages for multiple reasons, including showing solidarity with a specific social group.

As the tweet went viral and began making its rounds on social media blog sites like The Neighborhood Talk, many mentioned that Wilson isn’t the only individual who participates in code-switching.


“I thought everyone turn they professional voice off when they not working lol.”

“Aye you gotta be able to that in this World a lil bit. It can have its advantages.”

“All black people code-switch you never heard yo mama on an important call I bet she sound real sheryll’ish they be trying they best to come for him just cause he’s married loyal and not disrespecting women habitually.”

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