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Watch Female Teacher Get Punched In The Face While Trying To Break Up Fight Between Two Boys

People who try breaking up fights mostly get punched and kicked! In footage published by the Daily Mail, a female teacher got punched in the face while trying to break up a brutal fight between boys at Louisiana high school.

The Daily Mail has the details;

A female tenth-grade teacher at a Louisiana High School was sucker-punched in the face after trying to break up a brutal fight in her classroom between two boys. A video circulating on social media shows the horrifying moment the teacher at Chalmette High School in Louisiana was punched so hard in the face her head snapped back and her eyeglasses flew off of her face.

After the violent blow, the stunned teacher lets out a shriek and is seen covering her eyes with one of her hands as the two boys continued to throw jabs at each other. As some chairs and backpacks were being pushed around the room amid the chaos some of the students are heard screaming: ‘Stop it!’ ‘Stop!’ ‘Break it up!,  while others appeared amused watching from the sidelines.

It was not clear if the teacher fell to the floor after being hit or if she walked out of the classroom, but one female student is heard screaming, ‘Damn! You broke her nose.’

Later it was revealed that some of the students went to alert school officials to get help for the injured teacher. Once her class was secure and the boys were restrained, the teacher left the school campus to get medical treatment. The school would not release the teacher’s names or the two students involved.

But, the school confirmed that the teacher, who sustained bruises and swelling to her face, did not suffer a broken nose, as some students had initially thought. According to the video, there were no school security officers on site at the time of the fight, which now raises question about school security and whether teachers should intervene.

The school confirmed that the two boys involved have been suspended and the school is demanding that a criminal investigation be done. Doris Voitier, the longtime superintendent of Chalmette High School traumatized by what she saw in the video said she was absolutely ‘appalled.;

‘Our teacher shouldn’t be involved in an environment like that and our students should have ways to settle their differences.’ Voitier said the two students have been removed from Chalmette High School and will be disciplined according to their Guide to Student Conduct.

‘Charges have been pressed against these students for their deplorable actions,’ she said. ‘As we always do in such situations, we are working hand-in-hand with the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office with the mutual understanding that behavior like this will not be tolerated in our schools.’

That was a mean right hook she was hit with. It does look like it was accidental and the boy wasn’t trying to hit her.

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