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Britney Spears Goes Viral After Returning To Instagram With Topless Photos

Britney Spears isn’t dumping dropping thirst trap photos despite her children begging her to put a stop to posting her nudes on the internet. After deactivating her Instagram page for 10 days, she’s back with topless photos.

The queen of thirst traps is back via the Daily Mail;

Britney Spears was back on Instagram Sunday with a racy topless shot, just 10 days after deactivating her account. The Grammy-winning singer, 40, who has 41.9 million followers on the platform, captioned the shot, ‘Rose is two years old but what if time is an illusion!!!??? I’m wearing the same necklace TODAY that I’m wearing here!!!’

In the shot, the …Baby One More Time artist cupped her breasts in her hands while facing the camera with her dark blonde locks down and parted. She wore light denim shorts and accessorized with multiple necklaces in the daytime photo.

The post garnered a number of responses from the singer’s followers, as followers sought to decipher what the Oops!… I Did It Again vocalist meant in her post, and who she was referring to as Rose. Spears earlier referenced Rose in a post in which she posed in a red top while holding a rose in her hand. ‘I think she is trying to say, that she feel controlled still, even after two years, and justice is not moving forward…’ one user wrote. ‘That is what I’m reading… I hope she is ok though, like where is she? I hope she is doing what she loves and felling happy. Nothing more.’

Others focused on the racy nature of the shot, which comes after her son Jayden, 16, said he had previously asked his mom to cease with the stream of racy social media posts. ‘Stop it!! This is getting old and it’s creating a divide between you and your boys!! Grow up. . .be a mom!!’ one person wrote. Another said: ‘I don’t understand why she’s always topless???’

Said one user: ‘Here we go again. These pictures aren’t even flattering.’ Spears over the weekend took to Twitter to say she was ‘scared of people’ and accused her mother Lynne Spears of being dismissive of her. ‘So embarrassing… literally me for the rest of my life !!!! Let me tell you… it’s SO SEXY to be on guard and scared of people secretly!!!’ she said in a tweet with an image of actress Audrey Hepburn in 1964’s Paris When It Sizzles. She added, ‘I wish I could be like my mom and just sit my a** on a chair while my daughter drives two hours to see me and takes a 6 hour flight!!!!’ noting her mother Lynne Spears did nothing to help her. ‘She just STAYED SEATED with the phone in her hand and gave me the hold finger,’ she said. ‘Must be nice to be SO comfortable with me…. in the meantime this is me for the rest of my life with confidence and a laid back attitude!!!! Psss I’ve never actually held a gun… all good friends!!!!’

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