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Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Has Dirt On NFL Owners and Roger Goodell

This news kind of shook up the NFL world a little bit.

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has caused a lot of headlines in his tenure as owner and this one is right up there causing a big stir.

According to ESPN, Snyder has told his legal team to dig up dirt on other owners and commissioner Roger Goodell which they have allegedly found a lot that could shake up the league in a major way.

He allegedly told people close to him that the NFL can’t f*ck with him because if they do he’ll make things bad for them.

Senior team executives and confidants have heard him say it since he was considered merely one of the worst owners in sports. Now that he’s facing investigations on multiple fronts and running out of high-powered allies, he alludes more than ever to the dirty work. Snyder, now 57 years old, has told associates he will not lose his beloved franchise without a fight that would end with multiple casualties.

“The NFL is a mafia,” he recently told an associate. “All the owners hate each other.”

League sources say the NFL is aware that Snyder has claimed to be tracking owners. But none of the owners or sources would reveal how they learned of Snyder’s alleged effort to use private investigators. It’s also unclear how many owners are said to have been targeted, though sources say they believe it’s at least six. One owner was told by Snyder directly that he “has dirt on Jerry Jones,” a team source told ESPN, though the nature of the information was unclear. Another source confirmed that Snyder has told a confidant that he has “a file” on Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner who has served as Snyder’s friend, mentor and longtime firewall of support.

Snyder’s legal team has denied these claims but something like this doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. Only time will tell how this plays out.

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