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Kanye Rocks a “White Lives Matter” Sweatshirt at Fashion Show

You will never get the old Kanye back, so quit asking.

This is who Kanye is, so you either have to hate him or love him for that. I am not exactly sure how to describe it, but the facts are he purposefully tried to get Donald Trump re-elected. For me, that is enough to keep a safe distance away from him. People don’t realize that you can agree with some things that people you don’t rock with say or do, but that doesn’t mean you are rocking with them.

Sometimes, Kanye is spot on with specific topics, and other times. He pulls stunts like this via TMZ.

Kanye West is stirring the pot again … this time wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt at his Yeezy fashion show.

The Yeezy head honcho was on hand Monday in Paris for a showcasing of his Season 9 collection, and during the show — Ye was seen rocking a black T with a very clear “White Lives Matter” message on the back. The lettering is bold and in white without context.

The show started about an hour late, and featured a kids chorus, including his daughter North that sang while the models walked.

Kanye described the new collection as something you can “pull on and pull over” … dubbing it the future of clothing. He also ranted a bit — musing about how Elvis would fare in 2022 if he was alive, and saying “You cannot manage me” for good measure.

Remember, Kanye wore a red MAGA hat for a while back in 2018 … even sporting it at The White House when he met with Donald Trump.

I have always thought Kanye’s clothes were trash, but it is your money, so you can do whatever you want.

Always remember when people say things like All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter. If that were true in this country, there would be no need to say, Black Lives Matter, which explains why it isn’t true.

Flip the pages for Kanye, letting everyone know that white lives matter and some of the Twitter reactions.

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