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Julia Fox Claims She Only Dated Kanye West to Help Kim Kardashian

Julia Fox is still working harder and getting herself into the news lately after Kanye West gave her 2 minutes of fame and dumped her.

Fox now claims she dated the mentally unstable rapper to get him off Kim Kardashian’s back. I think that’s a big lie! She dated him for 2 minutes of fame.

According to Page Six;

Julia Fox is claiming she only dated Kanye West earlier this year to keep him away from Kim Kardashian amid their contentious divorce.

“I had this thought, and I was like, ‘Oh my God. Maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case,’” the actress said in a TikTok video Monday after being accused of “dating a famously violent misogynist and anti-Semite.”

“Like, ‘Maybe I can distract him, like, just get him to like me,’” Fox added. “And I knew if anyone can do it, it’s me, because when I set my mind to something, I do it.”

The “Uncut Gems” star, 32, explained that she is a longtime fan of the reality star and sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian.

“When I had a fashion line 10 years ago, they actually bought our clothes and sold them in their [Dash] stores, so I’ve always had, like, a love for Kim,” Fox explained. “Like, the big three. Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, those are my girls.”

The model, who dated West from January to February, also claimed to not have responded to the Grammy winner’s initial romantic advances.

“He was texting me. I wasn’t really answering,” Fox recalled. “I was like, ‘I don’t really want to hook up with a celebrity again.’ Like, nothing ever comes of it. … They’re kinda boring, like, they’re not what you think they’re going to be like.”

However, Fox alleged that the 45-year-old called her out and even yelled at her for having bad etiquette, which is when she decided to date the rapper to keep him away from Kim, 42.

The record producer “wasn’t on Twitter” at the time and “didn’t talk about his relationship,” Fox told her followers.

“We only talked about clothes and weird ideas and plans for the future and our hopes and dreams for childhood and education and, like, it was really beautiful, guys.”

That being said, when West “started tweeting,” aiming multiple social media tirades at Kim and her then-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, Fox decided that she “was out.”

She explained, “I had already been like, ‘Dude, I’m not gonna stick around for this s–t.’”

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