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Plus Size Model Kaytlyn Briegge Goes Viral After Trying on Kim Kardashian Skims Bodysuit

Plus size fashionista Kaytlyn Briegge has gone viral on the internet after trying the viral Kim Kardashian SKIMS bodysuit. She rocked it hot and looked pretty in the bodysuit.

The Sun got more;

One plus-size fashionista Kaytlyn Briegge, is a bra size 38DDD and wears a clothing size 16/18 and has taken to TikTok to share her honest review of the viral Skims bodysuit.

Kaytlyn has amassed an impressive 294.2k followers and 3 million likes on the video sharing platform, where she regularly shares her plus-size fashion try on reviews.

In one of her recent clips, the fashionista shared her thoughts on the popular ‘sculpting low back thong bodysuit’ from Kim Kardashian’s range.

She posted her clip with the caption ‘Skims Sculpting bodysuit plus size review’ and shared what the £60 shapewear item looked like on her body.

She said: “I did go ahead and pick up that sculpting bodysuit that has gone viral on TikTok and I want to show how it fits on me and what my thoughts are.

“Right off the back – everybody is like ‘I don’t know how it’s going to fit, it looks really small’ – I know that it’s going to stretch, this is some strong s**t right here.

“I’m a 38DDD on top and a 16/18 on bottom and I got a 2X/3X.

“First things first, that was like going to war getting into this thing.

“Secondly, this thing is tight – why does it look like I went from having 38DDDs to having B cups?

Simply put, they don’t make a lot of clothes, period for 38DDDs. Maybe just a 38D but not a 38DDD. With that being said, she was able to get in it, so that has to be considered a win, right? I am going to answer for you and say yes.

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