Terrell Owens and Le’Veon Bell Call Stephen A. Smith Uncle Ruckus For Coming to Jerry Jones’ Defense – BlackSportsOnline
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Terrell Owens and Le’Veon Bell Call Stephen A. Smith Uncle Ruckus For Coming to Jerry Jones’ Defense

Stephen A. Smith has gotten a lot of criticism lately with some of his stances, but the one that has seemed to anger people the most recently is his stance on the Jerry Jones picture that recently surfaced.

When Jones was 14 or 15 he was part of a group trying to keep Black students from getting inside when his Arkansas school was desegregated.

Jones got a lot of criticism for it because it’s racist. Stephen A. Smith came to Jones’ defense a little by saying he doesn’t deserve everything he’s getting because it was when he was 14 or 15, and it was so long ago.

Are there a lot of older white men in our country that have probably done things they aren’t proud of in their teens? I imagine many people, especially those born in the South, like Jones. Do they feel the same about black people now as they did back in their youth? You have to ask them.

One thing Smith said is 100% wrong and something you hear many people tell that cover up prejudical actions. Smith said a lot of black players support Jones and Jones employs a lot of black people. That is the “I have a black friend defense.” I hope Jones doesn’t feel the same way he did in 1957 as he does now, but we have to consider his actions on a higher level. He threatened players who kneeled again racism and police brutality. He is a Trump supporter. He has never hired a black head coach and has rarely had black people in positions of power with the Cowboys.

So, even if he isn’t carrying tiki torches around, his actions are still in place to keep the status quo as it is, and that frankly is no different than what was happening in 1957.

Stephen A. has received criticism from many people, including athletes, including Le’Veon Bell. Bell talked to Twitter about his displeasure, saying he’s come to realize that Stephen A. Smith is Uncle Ruckus.

If you aren’t familiar with Uncle Ruckus, he is a Black man that hates Black people and loves racist white people.

Le’Veon isn’t the only one who feels that way because many others agreed, including Terrell Owens, who once said Max Kellerman was blacker than Stephen A.

Flip the following pages from the tweets from Le’Veon Bell and T.O.

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