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Amy Robach Won’t Allow ABC to Fire TJ Holmes

Could this be Amy Robach’s way of breaking up with serial cheater TJ Holmes? Well, there is news out there that there is another alleged TJ Holmes romantic affair building up.

Has Amy Robach regretted dating Holmes? Page Six got the TEA;

She’s getting out of dodge.

Amy Robach was spotted arriving at JFK Airport on Tuesday to catch a flight out of New York City after reportedly getting blindsided by yet another T.J. Holmes affair.

The ABC News reporter, 49, was photographed putting on a brave face as she smirked at the paparazzi while entering the airport.

At the time, she carried a light blue carry-on suitcase while dressed in black leggings, a hoodie, boots and a tan coat with her hair pulled back.

Earlier this week, a source claimed to The US Sun that Robach felt like “collateral damage” due to the “scope of T.J.’s alleged past office romances.”

A new report from TMZ contradicts this and says Robach plans to stand by her man.

Our sources say ABC has made it clear to reps for the anchors — they do not want the 2 of them back together on the same set. We’re told ABC has not played its hand on whether they want one or both of them gone entirely. Our sources say once the network made it clear it doesn’t want Amy and T.J. working together, their lawyers called for a mediation, and ABC agreed.

Our sources further say Amy and T.J. are coming to the mediation as a united front. It appears ABC views T.J. as more problematic than Amy, but we’re told she will not accept a harsher outcome for T.J. than her own. We’re also told their lawyers, Andrew Brettler (who reps Amy) and Eric George (who reps T.J.) have been working closely together.

We’re told race “will become an issue” if T.J. is disciplined or fired … especially if the punishment has no precedent with similarly situated white employees.

We’re told Amy and T.J., along with their lawyers, will appear on zoom during the mediation.

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