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Mandy Rose On How Much She Has Made From These Risqué Photos After Being Fired by WWE

Mandy Rose has revealed the amount of money she’s made so far after the WWE release. According to Mandy, she’s raked in a whopping $1 million following the WWE release, and she’s the only one watching out for herself.

Apparently, Mandy Rose is making cash off her x-rated pictures. The New York Post got the details;

Last month in a bout with Roxanne Perez, former WWE wrestler Mandy Rose was drop-kicked in the stomach. Moments later, Perez grabbed hold of Rose, jumped onto her back and flipped her over to the ground using her signature Pop Rocks move. It was a crushing defeat for Rose, which abruptly ended her 413-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion.

Despite the loss, which she said left her tearful, Rose got a standing ovation as shocked fans erupted into chants of “Thank you, Mandy!”

“For me to lose the title on such a whim on a random Tuesday night with zero storytelling and zero promotion leading up to the match was a shocker. I was very caught off guard,” Rose, 32, born Amanda Rose Saccomanno, told The Post exclusively from her home in South Florida of her final match in the WWE.

Rose said she had been expecting the title match to take place sometime in January. On Dec. 13, when she thought she was taping a promo, she was told the match was taking place with “no notice.” Such a move “normally doesn’t happen in our business,” she said.

But the worst was yet to come.

The next day, the WWE released her from her gig, Rose said, claiming she breached her contract for having a subscription-based FanTime account, where she posted sexy, sometimes explicit, photos and videos for a fee.

The firing occurred days after risqué content she had shared with FanTime subscribers started circulating online, including screengrabs from videos Rose had posted swimming nude, as well as more explicit pictures of her in the shower with her fiancé, Tino Sabbatelli.

“I wasn’t told about racy images,” Rose said, referring to the reasons she was given for being let go. “I wasn’t told about anything else. I was told about the subscription-based platform.”

Her defeat and unceremonious dumping was a blow to her ego, as well as the decade she had spent perfecting her craft.

“Of course I was disappointed,” Rose told The Post. “But the emotions really set in after the match.”

When the news broke, hashtags like #JusticeForMandyRose and #RehireMandyRose started trending on social media. On his podcast “Wrestling with Freddie,” Freddie Prinze Jr. called it “the first fumble [WWE executive] Triple H has had.”

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