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Watch DJ Flavinha Run Off Stage After Blasting Herself In The Face With a Confetti Cannon

Flavia Ribiero also known as DJ Flavinha had to run off stage for medical care after she blasted herself in the face with a confetti cannon during a show. This happened in Brazil and she sustained first-degree burns. Sorry DJ Flavinha but next time, don’t blast the confetti cannon in your face.

The Daily Mail got more;

A DJ was forced to make an embarrassing escape backstage after accidentally blasting herself in the face with a confetti cannon. Flavia Ribeiro, known as DJ Flavinha, suffered first-degree burns and cuts to her face after the confetti cannon fiasco at a show in Santa Catarina, Brazil, on Saturday.

Despite the searing pain, the fearless disc jockey returned to the stage and continued her set before eventually rushing to hospital when she ‘couldn’t take any more pain.’A viral clip of the humiliating injury has been viewed by 10s of millions of people since it emerged online following the disastrous performance.

Footage of the blast shows DJ Flavinha first bringing out the confetti cannon as she amps up the crowd, unaware that her antics would soon backfire.While her music set boomed in the background, Ribiero raised up the cannon to blast it over the crowd, seemingly clueless to the fact she was holding it the wrong way round.

After painfully firing the gas-powered device into her face, Ribiero is seen hastily running away from the shocked crowd and towards the back of the stage.

Following her embarrassing performance, the artist addressed the incident in a video to her 33,000 followers on Instagram.

Ribiero was seen in clip the with bandages on her neck and several cuts to her face.

‘My video is rolling everywhere. There was an accident,’ she said.‘I ran behind the sound equipment and kept playing even with a lot of blood dripping, with a lot of pain.

‘I threw my hair forward and I stayed there. People on my team wanted to take me out, and I didn’t want to leave.’

However, her gallant attempt to tough it out only lasted around 20 minutes, and she admitted that eventually she ‘couldn’t take any more pain.’ ‘I left the stage, went to the emergency room of the event and then to the hospital.

‘Now I’m recovering and it’s all right.

‘I’m going to leave the video so you can see what happened, because a lot of people texted me. ‘Thank you for the affection, people.’

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