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Giants Julian Love Believes Nick Sirianni Is Riding The Coattails Of A Talented Eagles Roster To The Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles are on their way to Arizona to face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in this year’s Super Bowl. 2022 will be a season to remember, especially if they can end things with a win on one of the biggest stages in the history of pro sports. Even if they don’t, they have nothing to be ashamed of. Thanks to head coach Nick Sirianni, the Eagles put together one of their most successful winning seasons in franchise history this year.

Or rather in spite of Sirianni, according to New York Giants safety Julian Love. Love seems to believe that the coach is simply riding the coattails of a roster that’s loaded with talent from head to toe.

Love appeared on NFL Network this week to give his thoughts on Sirianni and the job he’s done coaching this team this year.

“He’s a guy who really is doing a good job because he’s not getting in the way of his team,” Love said. “He has an experienced roster from top to bottom—offense, defense.”

Not only did he say this, but the man also stood ten toes down despite the feedback he reportedly was getting from Eagles fans. “Philly fans sure don’t like this one lol… but I’m not wrong, This is a players league, and Philly has dogs on the roster top to bottom. It’s no mystery why they’re in this position.”

Eagles player Brandon Graham took exception to the words of his division rival.

“People always got something to say when they’re at home. They’ve got some stuff to think about. … A lot of people are just mad because of what happened this season. I understand, but it definitely carries no weight, because Coach proved himself each and every day, and if you’re not in here, you really wouldn’t know that.”

I’m with Graham on this one. Even though I personally hope the Eagles lose at the Super Bowl, there’s no denying that Nick Sirianni played a big part of why the Eagles had so much success this year. He put together an ideal coaching scheme for Jalen Hurts, a quarterback who many around the league speculated that would be looking for a new team to call home soon. What’s more, look at how different the offense looked when it was being operated under Gardner Minshew. It’s night and day. Sirianni’s system helped propel Hurts into conversations for NFL MVP.

Sirianni spared no expense in going for it all this year. Making blockbuster trade after blockbuster trade to put his guys in the best position to succeed. AJ Brown was an instant hit, and the money they paid him was well spent. He traded with the Saints for C.J Gardner-Johnson—a defensive back who many in the Saints fanbase believed he wasn’t cut out to be a pure safety. Gardner-Johnson is at in the upper part of the league in terms of interceptions. Not only did they barely give up anything to get an impact player like him, they also have the Saints’ top 10 pick this year.

Whether you like him, dislike him, or even hate him, there’s no denying that Nick Sirianni is the real deal as far as this year goes.