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Ja Morant or His Entourage Pointing Gun With Red Laser Sight at Pacers Players

The Grizzlies are running around like they are Tupac.

It is one thing to trash talk on the court. It is another thing to allegedly point silenced pistols at your opponents and their traveling party heads.

This all started on the night of January 29th.

The Grizzlies were playing the Pacers at home. Ja Morant’s father, Tee, and one of Morant’s best friends, Davonte Pack, were getting into it with Pacers players.

At some point, Pack stepped onto the court to up the escalation and was eventually thrown out of the game.

Moran was asked about the chippiness and had this to say.

Ja Morant speaking about the third quarter confrontation with Andrew Nembhard. He said Nembhard told his father, Tee, to “shut up,” and that’s when Morant walked up to him.

“I checked his temperature. He didn’t have a fever.”

Little did we know it was a lot deeper than that at the time. According to The Athletic, someone in Ja’s crew pointed a gun at Pacers players with a red laser sight on it while they were in the parking lot.

The two members of the traveling party who spoke to The Athletic said that they did not see who shined the laser from the SUV. They also don’t know if the laser was attached to a gun, but they believed it was. A Pacers security guard in the loading area at the time remarked: “That’s 100 percent a gun.”

According to the sources, the remarks directed at them by Pack and others included: “Come get some of this” and “you don’t know how we roll” and “I’ll show you what I got.” .

The verbal sparring continued intermittently for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, until Morant entered the loading area. He, Pack and the others dispersed into two vehicles. Morant, Pack and one other person got into an SUV, sources said. The first vehicle turned toward the bus before exiting up a ramp and out of the arena’s loading area. The SUV moved toward the Pacers bus, turned, slowed, and that was when members of the Pacers traveling party noticed a red laser coming from the car and being trained on players, coaches and others.

The NBA investigated and said they couldn’t find evidence of a gun, but they banned some of Ja Morant’s entourage members from coming to games.

Flip the page to see Pack being kicked out of the game.

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